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  1. The Ghana Scout Association (GSA), (scouting for boys)(member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement}. Best known of the several scout organizations here with particular focus on learning Duty to God, Duty to County, Duty to Family. Scouts hold weekly meetings, monthly campouts and annual high-adventure summer camp experience.
  2. The Ghana Girl Guides Association], (girls) member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
  3. National Scout and Guide Fellowship Ghana (NSGFG) - member of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship.
  4. Continental Scout Association of Ghana -
  5. Scouting and Guiding in Ghana - More scouting listings.

Benefits of Scouting for Youth and Families:[]


Featuring age-appropriate appropriate Activities, Service, Crafts, Field Trips, & Outdoor Adventures. The Benefits of Scouting are many - increased faith, family recreation, physical health, citizenship and many other valuable life skill lessons.

  1. Learn Independence: Youth learn how to live independently. [1]
  2. Clean Air Exposure Lowers Health Risks USFS Study shows that prolonged exposure to clean air on outdoor camping trips increases your health levels. [2]
  3. Nature Appreciation Learning how to enjoy time spent in the outdoors will encourage youth to spend more time in clean air environments. [1]
  4. Mental Fitness Scouting activities include a great variety of problem solving activities. [1]
  5. Cardiovascular Exercise Common benefits of doing scout treks such as backpacking, cycling, etc. [1]
  6. Leadership Skills
    1. Everthing I Needed to Know about Leadership I Learned in the Boy Scouts - AceLibrary.
  7. Increased Educational Opportunities in College - 17 colleges explained to Bryan on Scouting why Eagle scout candidates get preferential recognition during the college admissions process. David H. Smith, phd, wrote a whole book on this opportunity: Scouting your Way to the Best Colleges.
  8. Increased Employment Opportunities - Create an eye-catching resume for successful job hunting.

Adventures of Scouting[]

"For over 100 years, Scouting programs have instilled in youth the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Today, these value are just as relevant in helping youth grow to their full potential as they were in 1910. Scouting helps youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives." (The Values of Scouting)

Values of Scouting[]

Founder of scouting, Robert Baden-Powell, made many remarkable observations about the benefits of scouting:

  1. "The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success." - Nature is a great teacher, an inspiration, and a source of lifelong experiences. Afterall, "Scouting" is 75% "outing." One of the great parts of a week at camp is getting to spend a week living in the outdoors!
  2. "We must change boys from a 'what can I get' to a 'what can I give' attitude." - Scouting isn't just about earning badges and recognitions, Scouting strives to prepare youth to become a responsible, participating citizens and leaders who are guided by the values of Scout Oath and Law. You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.
  3. "Boys can see adventure in a dirty old duck puddle, and if the Scoutmaster is a boys’ man he can see it too." - Where an adult sees a dirty puddle, a rotting log, or an old cardboard box, a child sees an adventure... and a good Scoutmaster can see it too. Scout leaders should nurture creativity, playfulness, and sense of wonder in the world around us.
  4. "The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others." -
  5. "A boy is not a sitting-down animal." - Luckily Scouting is full of activities that allow Scouts to run, jump, hike, swim, climb, and play.

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